About Us

A Family Thing

The Fat Beagle Mobile Bar - where it began. 

We are a small family run business, based in Oxfordshire. The business is a partnership between  husband  and wife Tim & Helen Bridge and our daughter Samantha Bridge. 

We started with the idea of running a mobile bar whilst attending our local point to point races. We spotted an old horse trailer serving food. While waiting to be served at the bar, we thought how quirky it would be to have a bar in a trailer..after a couple of pints the idea was born! 

Naming our bar was a unanimous decision - our pet Beagle, Murphy, is the centre of attention in our family, (and is maybe a few pounds overweight) - hence The Fat Beagle was born!!  in fact we had the name before we had even sourced a trailer to convert. 

Our search started by tracking down a classic horse trailer that was still fit to convert, not an easy task, considering we were looking for a 40ish year old trailer that had probably had a hard life carrying horses and been left out in the elements for most of that 40 years!!  Our efforts turned up many unsuitable candidates to begin with and we were at the point of rethinking our options, but then after many hours on the internet we found exactly what we were looking for...... but it was in Wales!!  

We had committed to buying it and were assured it was in towable condition, so we set off on our adventure to get it! which was uneventful.

Once we got the trailer home, it was straight into the workshop for assessment and for the planning to begin -  The fabrication began -and the "to do" list was growing quicker than we were ticking off the jobs - so we called in some friends for help and just under 4 months of mostly evenings and weekends, The Fat Beagle was ready for her maiden voyage!  

So, that’s where our idea came from - "many good ideas come from conversations in the pub" - this one has so far worked for us!

Our roles in the business are all different - Tim is in-charge of fabrication , alterations and maintennance of the trailer , Helen is accounts and helps with marketing, and Sam is very much front of house with the day to day running of the bar and organising marketing events. Sam has extensive experience working in the licenced & hospitality trade.

Murphy the Beagle, manages to steal the show at our photo shoots, and appears on most of our promotional pictures - he is like the class clown and always manages to do something hilarious in front of the camera -  its a hard life for a superstar  model dog!!

 We look forward to welcoming you to The Fat Beagle Bar soon!   

Tim, Helen & Samantha Bridge & Murphy - (The Original Fat Beagle)